Well hello.

My name is Stewart, though I took the moniker Dyresty after an unfortunate typing incident.

I was born in San Francisco, but now I live and work in Cape Town. Both are definitely top contenders for coolest city in the world.

The photography bug bit late for me and it's been slow to develop. It has always been linked to my travels - it started around four years ago, when I went backpacking around Europe and took photos with my smart phone. I only got my first DSLR last year, just before a trip to the USA. I've upgraded it since then, and now I've done the odd photography course. Looks like this interest is here to stay.

I guess this is just another photoblog - just a place where I can get my pictures out there. I'll jump around a lot; older photos from some of my travels mixed in with newer ones, or current ones. I can't claim to be partial to or even good at any particular style, though I find quite a few appealing. But however this turns out, all the photos you see here are mine - taken by me, or of me with my camera (unless I say otherwise). No re-blogging. No stealing. I'm also hoping I won't need as many words as this in every post.

So who is Lila, and why am I sketching her? Suffice to say that she and I have a rocky relationship. I've been burned quite a few times as we struggle to understand each other. This is all dedicated to her...

C'est moi.
dyrestytrof at gmail dot com